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Our technology is offered for a fraction of the cost of traditional multi-touch technologies, enabling OEMs and ODMs to integrate multi-touch into a wide range products.
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Sentons resolves many of the common challenges and drawbacks with today’s touch technologies.
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The Next Generation of High-Performance Multi-Touch Sensors

Sentons is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, California.  Our staff helped pioneer projected capacitive touch technology – we know its limitations.  Today we are pioneering a more advanced multi-touch technology using active ultrasound sensing.

Sentons SonaTouch™  resolves many of the common challenges and drawbacks with today’s projected capacitive and optical based technologies.  We support flush-bezel industrial designs (i.e. ‘edge-to-edge’ glass), and work with nearly any substrate.  Our near-zero actuation pressure technology works with fingers, pens, and virtually anything else that you can point with…we even sense simultaneous pen and finger input.

Sentons SonaTouch™ Glass and Metal provide full multi-touch support for a wide range of glass and metal substrates, and function on both flat and complex curved surfaces.

You’ve never seen such a powerful, highly-customizable touch solution…it never existed before.