Sentons' patented SurfaceWave technology can create smart interfaces out of surfaces of any shape, material and size.

Our technology is developed in-house by our innovative team and is in-market on a number of consumer devices. We have rolled all key pieces of the technology into highly integrated custom ASICs, making it easy for OEMs to integrate our solutions into their products for fast time-to-market, minimal external components and streamlined manufacturing processes.

Let’s discuss how our technology can enhance the user experience for your products.

Discover the world’s first ultrasonic sensing platform and our two sensing technologies that project and process ultrasonic waves across an entire surface

Ultrasonic touch sensing

Sentons’ innovative team leveraged the latest concepts from the radio frequency (RF) world and applied them to lower-frequency ultrasound waves to unlock a new level of interactivity between humans and surfaces.

Using small, low-cost piezoelectric transducers attached to the back-side of any surface, Sentons’ chip can detect any object touching the surface with the highest levels of accuracy. Fusing multi-touch and pressure sensing, the chip can detect touch position, touch area and pressure for simultaneous touch points.

This technology can be implemented on any surface, with any curve.

Ultrasonic Strain-Gauge

Sentons has developed the world's smallest ultrasonic strain-gage force sensor designed to uniquely sense and measure the absolute force applied to any rigid surface. Our technology has the highest levels of sensor accuracy and in-field stability of any solution on the market today.

This exclusive sensor was designed to complement Sentons’ Ultrasonic Touch Sensing technology by providing a full three-dimensional image of a user or object touching a surface (X, Y, and force).

Developed to accommodate a new era of human-machine interfaces, our force sensors can be seamlessly integrated into the current and future designs of consumer devices.