Sentons' cutting-edge sensing technologies allow product manufacturers to extend the user interface of a device beyond the typical touch screen -- to any surface, made of virtually any material, and in any shape.

The entire technology stack -- from our advanced miniature force sensors to our custom-designed controller ASICs and proprietary algoritms -- was developed in-house by our team and is covered by numerous patents.

We have rolled all key pieces of the technology into highly integrated custom ASICs, making it easy for OEMs to integrate our solutions into their products for fast time-to-market, minimal external components, and streamlined manufacturing processes.

The exact feature set for each project is customized by our team of application engineers, allowing for truly differentiated and unique solutions.

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Sentons has developed
two innovative touch sensing technologies:

Each is uniquely powerful, but they're even better together.

Ultrasonic Touch Sensing

Sentons is the creator of Active Ultrasonic Touch Sensing, which we call SonaTouch™.

Leveraging our team's background in RF technology, we have taken advanced concepts from recent developments in the RF world and applied them to lower-frequency ultrasound waves to create a truly unique new method of touch sensing.

By using small, low-cost piezoelectric transducers attached to the back-side of any surface, our chip can detect any object touching the surface with high accuracy. We can detect touch position, touch area, and touch force for multiple simultaneous touch points.

This can be implemented on surfaces such as the sides or back of a mobile phone enclosure, on small wearable devices, or even on a large piece of glass.

Surface Force Sensing

Sentons has developed a unique way of sensing and measuring the abosolute force applied to any rigid surface using our internally-developed world's smallest strain-gage force sensor.

We designed this sensor to complement our SonaTouch™ Ultrasonic Touch Sensing solutions, with the combined technology providing a full three-dimensional image of a user or object touching a surface (X, Y, force).

Our force sensors are designed to be small enough to be used in next-generation mobile phones and wearable devices to replace physical buttons, and to provide new levels of device interactivity.

While other companies claim to have similar strain-gage based sensor solutions, our technology has (by far) the highest sensitivity, smallest size, and best temperature stability of any solution on the market today.

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