Sentons' next-generation sensing technology is used in a wide variety of markets and devices.

Phones / Tablets

Sentons works with leading OEMs to enhance the smartphone user experience by adding touch and force-sensing controls to the sides and back of phone and tablet enclosures.

The first phones featuring Sentons technology were launched to worldwide markets in 2018.

Example Use Cases:

  • Squeeze sensors on the sides of phones
  • Tap and button sensors to replace mechanical buttons
  • Hand position sensors to recognize how a user is holding a phone
  • Swipe sensors and sliders on the enclosure surface
Phone Ultrasonic Touch Sensing
Wearable Ultrasonic Touch Sensor


Smart watches and other wearables have small displays, so on-screen touch controls often obstruct the users view.

Sentons' technology enables off-screen interactive controls to improve the overall user experience.

Example Use Cases:

  • Touch sensitive bezels
  • Virtual slides and swipe areas on the sides of devices
  • "Contact force" sensors that detect how tight a wearable is against the body

PC / Notebook

Sentons' technology enables new PC interaction beyond the traditional keyboard/mouse/trackpad.

OEMs can enable smartphone-like gesture controls on any surface of a PC or laptop enclosure.

Example Use Cases:

  • Touch sensitive palm-rest areas
  • Slider bars on keyboards or the sides of displays
  • Virtual keys on plastic or metal enclosure surfaces
Computer PC
Automotive Ultrasonic Touch Screens


More and more technology innovations are making their way to car dashboards, but enabling fast, clear, and safe interaction by the driver remains a challenge for automotive manufacturers.

Sentons' technology enables any surface to be touch and force sensitive, seamlessly integrating interactive controls in key places.

Example Use Cases:

  • Touch sensitive steering wheels and gear shifters
  • Complete touch sensitive center console surfaces
  • Touch sensitive external body surfaces

Large-Size Displays

Sentons' unique ultrasound-based sensing technology can be used to make large-size glass touch panels at a fraction of the cost of other technologies, but with the same key benefits users expect: light activation force, edge-to-edge glass, and true multi-touch.

Sentons' unique active-stylus technology can also be used for the worlds fastest and highest-resolution pen-based touch input.

Example Use Cases:

  • Kiosks and interactive signage
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Touch-enabled windows
Digital Signage Ultrasonic Touch

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